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“Julie Flanders’ work has been speaking to my heart for many years, often offering me the perfect phrase that makes me feel seen and understood. She knows the language of music and the music of language equally well. Treat yourself to her artistry!”

—Martha Beck, best-selling author (Finding Your Own North Star),
life coach and Oprah Magazine columnist


“These poems have the supple shape and zest of poetry. Julie Flanders is a story-teller and a word-weaver, and in these pages she never forgets that poetry is song, nor does the enchanted reader.”

—Cynthia Zarin (An Enlarged Heart: A Personal History, The Ada Poems)

author, poet, senior lecturer at Yale, winner of NEA
and Guggenheim Awards, frequent contributor to
The New York Times and New Yorker Magazine


“Flanders’ songs are of lost connections, finding memories, hidden forces, a metaphysical love that seeks the spiritual through the personal.”

Audio Magazine


“Julie Flanders is a songwriter whose poems float as if on a glass surface. Finely-tuned and shaped by rhyme and wordplay, Joyride feels set to a key of contemplative, almost confessional wanderings.”

—Alexander Neubauer, author of Poetry in Person:
Twenty-five Years of Conversation with America's Poets


“To read Julie Flanders' book is to look at your self, for you will be reflected in her words.”

—David Howard, Award-winning New Zealand poet,
founding editor of the literary magazine Takahe


“Julie Flanders gets to the heart of things in Joyride: these poems are clear-eyed meditations and strong medicine, mediating between optimism and realism, age and youth, love and its lack.”

—Wesley Stace, award-winning novelist, singer/songwriter

(John Welsey Harding)


“The music shimmers with sometimes dark, sometimes inspirational, always thoughtful songs.”                                           —Steve Morse, The Boston Globe


“I need no shelter, I need no guide. I’ll be alone on this long, dark ride, tonight.” (Something More Than This)

—Referenced by award winning novelist
Graham Joyce in his novel The Silent Land


“I am crossing the bridges of sorrow, empty with yearning and full of tomorrow.” (Paths of Desire)

—Quoted by Martha Beck in her bestseller, Finding Your Own North Star


“Flanders & Adler create lush musical architecture. Flanders’ lyrics don’t shy from occasional references to the Bible, Shakespeare and ancient Greek myths. At the same time, her core subjects are anything but arcane. Her characters are typically caught up in the high stakes searches for love and spiritual awareness. Sometimes, as in “Bury My Lovely” and “Falling Farther In,” they are haunted by wounding experiences in their pasts.”

—Mike Boehm, The Los Angeles Times


“I am in love with Julie Flanders poetry and lyrics – infinitely deep words that spring directly from the soul of the universe.”

—August Gold, author of The Prayer Chest and Multiply Your Blessings


“Julie Flanders’ poetry speaks to one’s higher self. It’s art inspiring art. Tell me you don’t feel different after reading it. I dare you.

Three cups of inspiration, 1 teaspoon of melancholy, a pinch of darkness, a pound of magic, and let marinate for a few hours. This collection has it all.

Julie’s poetry makes me jealous. I love it.”

—Turney Duff, author of The Buy Side,
an Amazon 2013 Best Book of the Year


“While we share a family fascination with the power and beauty of words, Julie's luminous and haunting lyric voice is hers and hers alone. You can hear it coursing through her songs and through the vivid poems of Joyride.”

—Jefferson Flanders, author of Café Carolina and Other Stories